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JMR, The Parent.

"A strong parent brings forth healthy offshoots"

Sustained by the wealth of knowledge, resources and expertise the parent possesses, the offshoots inevitably thrive. Such is the phenomenon of nature/natural law.

The parent in question is JMR Conglomeration Berhad, a public-listed company registered with the Malaysian Securities Exchange Berhad under the industrial products sector and bears the Stock Name, JMR.

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SA65 fulfills the true needs of every home.

The specially designed features of SA65 fulfills the true needs of every home. The emphasis is on what contributes towards making a residence what it should be. Comfort freedom and convenience are the prime considerations. Hence the importance given to space allotment. With a sizeable built-up average of about 3500 sq ft for Terrace 'T1' and 4500 sq ft for Semi Detached Home 'S1', you are assured of more than enough indoor space to ensure not only total living comfort but individual privacy.

SA65 further incorporates a commercial sector which comprises 4-storey bungalow-style commercial blocks which impart a distinctive corporate image. The flexible features of these units, each of which comprises at least 10,000 sf and above, are a boost to any commercial operation where space and top functionality are of primary importance.

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Our Strengths.

The Conglomeration has committed themselves to deliver the excellence they promise and to live up to the trust that has been placed on them. Hence, in its latest venture, JMR strives its utmost to give each purchaser the one thing that is so very important in each person's life - above all else, a home.


Our Philosophy.

"A caring & civic-minded corporation"

As with all its other undertakings, JMR does not look upon its real property development enterprise as just another commercial undertaking. A caring and civic-minded corporation, JMR holds the satisfaction of its clients and the welfare and contentment of its workforce of paramount importance.

Investment Value

  • SA65 has a plus-factor in terms of built-up areas. They exceed those of similar residentials within the same area and the future developments will further enhance the present value.


  • Each phase is a guarded community with a single-entry point and guarded-house. This is built to ensure the safety and peace of mind of the residents within its own vicinity.


  • Since the site-layout of SA65 is in a grid arrangement, the development of each phase is not dependent upon that of any other phase. The completion of each phase ensures a fully - integrated residential community with its own green area, security features and full accessibility.

Green Retreat

  • Each phase of SA65 has its own green area which is specially landscaped to impart a true closeness with nature. The trees, plants and shrubs are specially selected to provide welcome shade and lush foliage which give the feel of a spice-garden or natural park.

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